Posted by: China | March 22, 2005

It’s been a while…

…since I’ve blogged. Sorry ’bout that! My transcriber (Mom) has been leaving everyday lately, leaving me here with Dad. I love my Daddy, but he’s no good at typing and won’t post to my blog for me. *whimper*

Things are starting to thaw out around here and boy! Is it muddy! There’s still really deep snow in the back yard, though, so it’s gonna be a while before I can run like the wind without falling up to my chin in snow.

You know, I love snow, but enough is enough. Bring on the warm times!

Mom took me on a walk tonight, but it was no fun at all! She put that thing on my face that doesn’t let me pull on the leash, and she MADE me walk right next to her. She wouldn’t let me run ahead, she wouldn’t let me sniff, nothin’! We didn’t go far which was fine with me!

She says that I need more training so that I won’t be so bored and so that I can build confidence. I’ve been stressing out big time whenever I’m left alone, even for short times. Like today, Daddy went to Grammy and Grampy’s without me and I pulled the blanket off my couch and knocked over my food bowl. I just don’t like to be left alone!

I don’t see how making me walk nice is going to help, but I aim to please and I’ll keep doing it. Even if the walk’s no fun, it’s nice to be with Mommy. Besides, I got a special treat for being good.


  1. I hate being left alone too. It’s the worst thing ever. We dogs were meant to be in a pack at all times – something I’m constantly reminding them of.

    I’m sure you’ve master the art of giving them “the look” to make them feel really guilty about things like this.

    I find it most effective. Too bad humans can’t take us to work with them every day; it would be way more fun!

  2. A good pout in the corner of the room with a big sigh works wonders too…

    China, I think you are very brave for havin’ to be alone. I don’t like it either and when Mommy comes home, she says loud words at me a’cause I’ve usually knocked somethin’ over. Pfft…what does she expect?!

  3. China, here’s what I do when mom goes to work. Maybe this will give you some ideas to keep yourself occupied.

    1) eat the rest of my breakfast that’s hidden in the puzzle ball
    2) open up the shower door and try to turn on the water
    3) open the closet door and get out some of mom’s clothes to carry around (the ones from the laundry basket smell best)
    4) bark at any small noise, especially that brown truck
    5) take everything off the dresser and chew up the good stuff

    I have lots more ideas but that should get you started. Mom keeps me in an x-pen now. She also trains me every day, but U think that’s pretty fun. Training = TREATS. Yum!


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