Posted by: China | March 10, 2005

More Snow!

We’ve gotten a lot more of the cold, white stuff up here in the cold place. Mom says there’s more on the way too.

Normally, I’d like that, but I’m starting to forget what the ground looks like.

This is me after playing in the snow. I was digging for field mice and forgot to shake when I was done.

Mom caught me running while she was getting artsy-fartsy with the close-up setting on her camera. Deep snow is so much fun!



  1. Here in Frostbite Falls, it rained an icy rain, but I can tell you the ground is still under there. I had forgotten what it looked like too.

    The good news is that we’ll be seeing it turn green end of May – that’s not too far off is it?


  2. Hey China, you’re lookin’ real cute with that snow on your face! Can you believe we got more?! I am dreaming of the day when I will see that beautiful green grass that I chew on…sigh…
    I just read about strange taxes and it seems that Maine has a strange one on blueberries! For every pound, you get taxed 1.5 cents! Pretty strange!

  3. Reow China!! Snow looks like a lot of fun! Is running in snow harder than on sand? Kobi has never seen snow. Reow! Reow-reow!


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