Posted by: China | February 15, 2005

China Cabinet Update

Hey gang, Mom’s finally updated my site. A few more pictures for January have been added. She promises that the February pictures will be up on time (March 1st) but don’t hold your breath.

I don’t mind though. She’s a little stressed out over not having a job. I don’t get it. I thought her job was take care of me. Why can’t she just get paid to do that? I mean, she does a bang up job. Sure, she could take me out for a few more walks, give me some more treats and keep that hissy kitty away from the heat vent, but overall she’s a great mom!

Oh well, I guess no one gets paid for doing what’s really important, eh?

-Woof! (China)

P.S. To visit my site, just click on the subject of this post. It’s a link to the site. (NOTE: This is no longer true)



  1. Hi China,

    I love the photos. But the hissy kitty is obnoxious. I commend you for not tearing her apart.

    Your Mom probably wants a job so that she can buy you more toys, save for your college education, send you to the doggy spa, and so on. Just be sure she gets a job where you can keep her company every day.


  2. I understand about your Mommy not having a job. My Mommy doesn’t have one right now either. She likes to teach small human beans music. Lucky for me and Gramma, we benefit from her not having a job a’cause she’s home a lot!


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