Posted by: China | February 1, 2005

Hey guys, Mom got this nifty new software that mak…

Hey guys, Mom got this nifty new software that makes posting pics to my blog really easy! It’s called Hello and you should try it. (NOTE: We do not use this any longer. This picture is now on our own space)



  1. Oh my, interesting picture there China. That hello is great for this weblog stuff. I got all my dog friends that can have pcs on it and we chat all day and night on that thing.

    So, now my vet says I’m the first dog in the world to get carpel tunnel syndrome.

  2. Cal, Mom found that picture in the paper. It was with an article about keeping pets safe during the holidays. I thought it was pretty funny.

    You can chat with Hello? I thought it was just a picture program.

    -Woof! (China)

  3. Yeah, you have to add friends to the friends tab (the bloggerbot that sends pictures and text to your blog is considered a “friend”) You have to get your friends to install Hello and then have them tell you their username. You add them and voila! their name appears on your friends list. Double-click on their name and if they’re online, a box will pop up on their computer asking them if they want to add you to their list. Then you can start chatting.

    Just a warning though, if you give your family your user name, expect to be bugged constantly by them :->)

    Happy chatting!

    Cal the (computer friendly) Wonderdog

  4. I’m still learning how to use Hello! Seems like a great blog tool! Got it downloaded now just got to figure it out!

    Chow Heidi


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