Posted by: China | January 29, 2005

Where are the dogs?

I sometimes like to watch TV with Mom and Dad. This past week they’ve been watching their Twin Peaks DVDs. While I often find humans hard to understand, Mom and Dad assure me that this show doesn’t always make sense to them either.

The thing that confuses me the most is this: Where are the dogs? This is supposed to be small town America but there aren’t any dogs. No one has any kind of pet except for that squealer Waldo the Mynah bird. There’s even a vet’s office with a Llama, but none of the main characters have a pet.

I mean, yeah, weird for weirdness sake is one thing, but no pets? Come on!

-Woof! (China)


  1. My human went to look for the Twin Peaks DVDs and I finally have some time alone with the laptop. Now that show Northern Exposure had Meese on it and a couple other animals.

    I’m wondering about that science fiction movies – aren’t there any dogs in the future?

    Original Star Trek – none. NG Star Trek – Data had a cat, big deal. Star Wars – well, there’s Chewie and those littl fakey looking bear guys, but no dogs. 2001 A Space Odyssey – none. 2010, 2030, 2060, 3001 – no dogs. And on and on . . .

    What’s the deal, do we die out or something?

  2. Captain Archer has a dog on Enterprise named Porthos.

    Well he did in the first season. That’s all I watched.

    — China’s Dad

  3. My Mommy loved Twin Peaks and agrees with you on the weirdness factor. I haven’t seen it, but she says she doesn’t remember there bein’ anything but strange stuff in that town so since doggies aren’t strange, maybe it’s a good thing? I dunno. I’m just a poodie.
    -Timmy (
    PS-Love your bloggie and I really like the Indiana Jones picture!

  4. CAT! There’s a cat on my blog!

    Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have yelled that. Might get all the dogs riled up.

    Mom really wanted me to wear the hat in my Indiana Jones picture but I just wouldn’t do it. I like wearing clothes but I hate hats.

    You’re a pretty poodie, Timmy. You look like my Aunty Wendy’s kitty who’s named Boots.

    -Woof! (China)

  5. China, I think you should take a more proactive approach and start encouraging your people to watch more appropriate programming. I personally strongly prefer Animal Planet, and give my mom a dirty look if she switches channels. She’s not proving to be highly trainable so far, but I have hope that, with time, I can extinguish her watching-the-wrong-channel behavior using a positive training program.


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