Posted by: China | January 6, 2005

Fields of dreams…and lots of nifty smells

Today was a good day for this red dog. Mom and Dad let me run around the fields off-leash.

Ever since we’ve moved here I’ve been wondering why they keep me on the leash when our new back yard is bigger than the dog park I used to go to when we lived in the warm place. I keep hearing things about keeping me safe and making sure I know where I’m not supposed to go, blah blah blah.

But I guess they figure that I finally know this is home because every time we went outside today, they let me run and sniff whatever I wanted. I just love to sniff so I never even really want to leave the yard – it’s full of all sorts of smells – and I can move along at my own pace and my humans don’t have to try to keep up with me. (I prefer ‘trotting’ to walking.)

I only got in trouble once and that wasn’t because I ran away, but because I didn’t come when they called. They had to come to me and they hooked me to the leash again, but after that I was a good girl and always did what I was told. Hopefully that means I’ll get to go out back off-leash a lot more often. It’s just so much more convenient!

My humans tell me that tomorrow we’re going to have high speed internet again. Yippee! I can finally post some of my new pictures to my blog and website to show you how much fun I’ve been having here in the cold place.

Smell ya later!

-Woof! (China)


  1. High speed internet is a must have, I’d even go without treats for a . . . . wait a minute what am I saying!

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new home. The cold isn’t so bad if your ancestors were from Northern Scotland. But if they were from more southern climes moving to a cold place would be tough. Maybe your ancestors came from around the equator or something. Just keep moving and spring will be here before you know it.

    Glad to hear you have a big back yard too.


  2. i think its good to go to your people when then call because you might get in danger like me. yesterday i almost got hit by a car cause i didn’t listen at all to my mom.

    im rethinking that one and my mom is starting to train me to stop at the curb. i like it better cause i know exactly what she wants now.

    i like your blog a lot

    Buffy & Jody the Poms
    Atlanta GA


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