Posted by: China | December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!

Mom and Dad tell me that the year is over and it’s time to make resolutions for the new one.

I don’t see what the big deal is. A day is a day is a day to me.

But, I’ll do it anyways. Here is the official resolution list for China, the red dog:

  • Sniff as many things as possible
  • Eat as many treats as possible
  • Lay in front of the heat vent as much as possible
  • Run in the field as much as possible
  • Bark every single time someone knocks on the door
  • Make the hissy kitty like me (I’ve been working on that one for 2 years!)
  • To always run to my humans when they call my name. I sometimes have trouble obeying that command. It’s just so hard not to sniff!
  • To obtain at least one doggy sweater

Happy New Year to all my doggy friends and all their humans!

-Woof! (China)


  1. Hi China,

    Welcome to the Dog Blogroll. Sorry I can’t properly introduce myself over the internet (you know what I mean) but I plan to keep up with your exciting life by reading your blog.


  2. *swoon* Now I have TWO fans! Wheee!

    -Woof! (China)

  3. Hi China, I like your idea about trying out the resolutions thingy. all of your resolutions apply to me except the heat vent one – I try to stay near the cool door, it especially feels good when the temperature drops below 0.

    I too have a hissy kitty down the block that just won’t talk to me. I tried to sniff his butt and everything. Go figure, sometimes cats just don’t understand.

    Oh, and on the run to your humans one, don’t run too fast or they’ll hold you to it every time. Just take your time and make them wait it out, after all they make us wait for treats all the time.

    Happy New Year!



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