Posted by: China | October 27, 2004

Happy Halloween!

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and Happy New Year!

What? Oh…well, so I’m a little early. Pfffft.


  1. Hi China,
    Very nice weblog you have! I was a bit scared by the pumpkin in the Halloween picture, but I got over it.

    Sorry to see you had a rough start at the beginning of your life, but now it sounds like you have some good humans to hang around with.


    Cal the Wonderdog
    Frostbite Falls, Minnesota

  2. Wow! I have a comment!

    I’m sorry that I didn’t see this earlier – my mom forgot to turn on the email notification thingy (I swear, a dog can’t find good help nowadays, can they?)

    Pumpkins are scary and I hope I never see one again this close.

    Thanks for stopping by, Cal!

  3. I meant to ask you before, if it’s not too personal, that is, how are your puppies now – did they make it to nice homes.

    Crossing my paws on that one,


  4. Ah, my puppies.

    I was told that they all found nice, comfy homes. The shelter I was at was a no-kill shelter, so it was good we were brought to them.

    Thank you for asking, Cal. I wish I knew where they were today. My new mom would love to have seen them.


  5. Oops! I signed my name as ‘Chris’ instead of ‘China.’ My typing isn’t always good and I was thinking of my Daddy when I typed that.

    They say I’m a silly girl. I guess they’re right.


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