Posted by: China | June 18, 2004

The Dog Store, Pee & Rasta Man

What a week! I got to go to that cool place with all the toys and food and birds and toys and food and toys. I even peed on the floor! I guess Mom and Dad didn’t like that because then they took me to that place where they stick me with sharp things and mess with my feet. That guy with no fur on his head clipped my nail way too close and you better believe I let them know about it.

Good news! Rasta Man is home!

He keeps leaving, but he always comes back to play with me. He looks different everytime. He must get his hair dyed while he’s away. He’ere a picture of Rasta this time.

Rasta Man

He’s just as fun to play with as ever and I’ve got a good head start on pulling his stuffing out. (That IS the point of stuffies, right?) Since Mom got so mad at me last time when it took me a whole week to de-stuff Stinky I though I should try extra hard on Rasta this time. Just look at my handiwork!

In other news, Mom and Dad tell me that we’re going to be moving before the end of Summer. (What’s Summer? Here, the only weather is warm and warmer and hot.)

They say we’re going to that place we went last year – on boy! CAR RIDE!!! And I get to run around outside and poop whereever I want!

This time, we’re staying. I normally don’t like it when they say ‘stay’ but I don’t think that’s what they mean this time.

They keep talking about something called ‘cold weather’ and ‘snow.’ What is that and can I eat it?

–Woof! (China)


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