Posted by: China | February 12, 2008

We’ve moved.

The blog has moved. Click HERE and update your bookmarks and RSS feeds. (Mom promises this is the last move.)

Posted by: China | February 10, 2008

Send out all your positive vibes

We just heard some terrible news. Bean the Pit was stolen from her parent’s car today! She has been seen wandering around the same neighborhood dragging her leash so it looks like either she escaped the scum who took her or they let her go on their own.

Please send out good vibes, pray, or whatever it is you do for lost doggies. It’s terrible when any dog is lost but when they’re a pit it gets even scarier.


Posted by: China | February 9, 2008

Moving Notice

This site will be moving soon (yes, again.)

Mom says that she likes WordPress, which is why we left our old blog over on Blogger. Nothin’ wrong with blogger – she just likes WordPress better.

But, now she doesn’t like not having absolute control over every little thing – she’s like that with everything – so she’s moving the blog to our own web space.

While this is happening, there still won’t be any posts here. I’ll let you know when the move is done. With my Mom it could be an hour or it could be in a month.

Posted by: China | January 26, 2008

Spring – where are you?

It’s cold here. Cold cold cold cold cold. Even Mom’s tired of winter and that’s one of the reasons she wanted to move here.There’s been plenty of snow but because it’s so cold, I don’t want to play in it. I just want to go outside, do my duties, sniff around for the chipmunk that’s living in our shed and then get back inside. I don’t linger to play much lately and I’m starting to get the Fever (aka Cabin Fever). And this cabin here has crazy felines in it who think anytime is a good time to pounce the pooch. Mom says I have permission to bite her tail but there’s no way I’m voluntarily getting that close to the claws.

Yeah, I know, she’s never really clawed me – just pawed at my butt a few times – but I don’t want to give her the chance.

k9.jpgMom and Dad have been watching lots of Doctor Who lately. It’s an okay show and all but I don’t see why K-9 can’t be a regular. I mean, he’s much more reliable than those human companions and none of them can shoot ray beams out of their noses, can they? I hear K-9 used to have his own show – but for only one whole episode. Geesh. Peoples have no taste. I’d have watched it. K-9’s almost as dreamy as Duke or Thor – he just has an electrical current instead of a pulse.

Posted by: Zoe | January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our virtual buddies! China is snoozing on the couch so I thought I’d sneak in and make the first post of the year.

shrew.jpgSo, I’ll start by praising myself. This morning, I caughts me a rodent! I brought it upstairs and gave it to the Lady who called me a good kitty, patted my head and then took it away. I didn’t really mind, I was done playing with it. I don’t know what the Lady did with it but I’m glad she liked it – I caught it for her special. I heard her ask the Man what it was and he said it was a Shrew and they wondered where I had gotten it. I’m not telling – it’s my secret stash.

zoezonked.jpgI thought I should start off the new year with a present because I was bad on the last day of the old year. You see, the Lady had put away all those shiny, dangly things called ‘ormanents’ and put out her old stuff, which included those yummy ‘wedding’ flowers. I crawled on top of the talking box and tried to quietly get those yummy flowers, but they were all stupid and jumped to avoid my teeth! So, I ran real quick and curled up on my Scooby, but they knew it was me. (I was hoping they’d blame the dog.) I got yelled at and the Lady hid them away. I do wish I could get over my dead flower addiction but nothing seems to help.

zoetoesradiator.jpgA big snow storm is going up her in – what do you call this place, China? Hey, don’t tell me to shut up, YOU shut up! Geez! Anyways, it’s snowing here. So, I’ll be spending my day with mah boyfriend. (You can seez my toes sticking out under his bottom – click to see them bigger.) The Lady and the Man keep telling me I’m going to burn my tail off, but mah boyfriend wouldn’t do that to me, would he? He’s all nice and warm and sometimes I bump noses with him…at least, I think it’s a him, and even if it’s not, I don’t care. I loves my ‘boyfriend’ and I hope he’ll never leave me.

Well, I suppose that’s a good start to the New Year. Catching shrews, snuggling with warm boyfriends and ambushing the dog. Yeah, I’m planning that for later. Don’t tell! She suspects nothin’!

Posted by: China | December 22, 2007

Poor, misunderstood Bumpus Hounds

bumpusdogs.jpgI don’t know if I’m the only one, but I always feel really bad for those Bumpus pooches in ‘A Christmas Story.’ (The picture is actually from the sequel – they move too fast in the Christmas movie to get a good, non-blurry picture. At least, that’s the excuse Mom gave me.)

I know they do a really baaad thing and I would never even think of eating the Christmas turkey all by myself…okay, I’ve thought about it but I’d never do it.

But isn’t it obvious that these hound aren’t getting the love and attention they need from the Bumpus’? The ‘old man’ might be a grouch, but those doggies know that he’s a good guy and would probably make a better owner than the one they’ve got. They just want his love and attention – and what better way to get his notice than to eat his turkey? There’s no way he’s going to let that pass.

I just hope he doesn’t borrow Ralphie’s BB Gun to take care of the scourge of the turkey-lover’s world.


Since I haven’t been posting as much as I would like, I’ll wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! If I do post before then, well, see you then!

Posted by: China | December 2, 2007

The Dog Days of Christmas

It’s December! It may be cold outside but I still like this time of year. All the sparkly (aka ‘magical’) lights, all the goodies Mom cooks – I get to help with cleanup, especially if Peanut Butter is involved – and I get to wear my Christmas bow all month long.

To celebrate here on the blog, I’ve decided to post about doggies who appear in the Christmas tv specials and Christmas movies.

rudolph_end.jpgI decided to start with Yukon Cornelius’ dog pack in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Yukon is a great guy. I mean, look at his pack. He is the original ‘equal opportunity employer!’ He has a Saint Bernard, a Collie dog, a Dachshund, a Beagle and a (blue!!) poodle. I bet most sled drivers wouldn’t give any of these dogs a chance to prove they can do it, but Cornelius did! What a guy! No wonder he had such a soft spot for Rudolph and Hermey – he’s always willing to help out a misfit.

So, here’s to you Yukon Cornelius and to your dog team! May they finally figure out the meaning of ‘MUSH!’


Hey everyone. It’ s me, China the Red Dog. I haven’t been blogging much lately. You can blame Mom for that. She’s been pretty busy the past couple of months.

The vacation went pretty good. We went up to the camp again but this time I didn’t get so homesick and I ate my dinner everyday! Usually I don’t eat much of anything when we’re up there ’cause I’m so nervous.

Zoe did cause some havoc but most of the time she watched the cat show and was really quiet. If she wasn’t doing that she was sleeping on one of the four beds up in the loft of the cabin. It was like she had her own little room. She especially liked the inflatable mattress bed.

Oh, you’re wondering about the cat show, huh? Well, Mom put out a little house with seeds in it and birdies kept coming and going and Zoe found them fascinating. She’d sit in her little cube, thinking no one could see her, and watched the birdies zoom in and out of that little house with seeds. She thought it was the best programming ever. She’s asked if we could get that channel here at home. Mom and Dad are thinking of getting some of those houses and putting them next to her window in the kitchen.

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving and I can hardly wait! I get to go to the family dinner at Auntie Wendy’s and I’m sure to get some turkey. I hope there’s enough left for me and cousin Harley! Mom’s making homemade pumpkin pies right now. I like it when she does that ’cause I get to watch her murder gourds. Hee hee hee. Evil gourds – it’s what they deserve.

Zoe says hi and that she’ll probably post in the next couple of days. I don’t know what about – she’s not even going to Thanksgiving dinner – but I suppose she’ll do something bad before the end of the week. She’s doing better – only a few really bad things a week but she’s still not good.

Oh, and she took a swipe at me last week! Scared me so bad I let out a yelp that sounded like a scream. Mom made fun of me but it was really scary! All those sharp toes coming right at my butt.  It’s just not nice!

Okay,I’ll go now. All you USA cats and dogs have a great Thanksgiving! All you other persons – have a nice Thursday!

Posted by: Zoe | October 24, 2007

Cat Seeking Advice

Hey. It’s me. Whazzup?

So, can any of you cats help me out here? Apparently, I don’t behave very well. I try, but I’m not doing so good.

I’m still pretty young so I want to play all the time. Sometimes, the humans will be petting me and all of a sudden – I’s just gots ta play! So I put the bitey on their hand, and I get yelled at and they won’t pet me or play with me for a while.

And sometimes, in the middle of the night, I get lonely so I jump on the humans’ heads. They yell at me and I run away.

I keep trying to make friends with China, but she’s just scared of me most of the time. When I play ‘ambush the pooch’ she really doesn’t like it – but it’s what I’m best at! Aren’t I supposed to play to my strengths? Huh? Aren’t I?

And I have one BIG weakness. If I see a dead flower – like dried wedding bouquets and stuff like that – I just have to eat it. I just have to. There’s nothing I can do about it. I knocked over that real fancy bunch of dead flowers three times and boy, did I get yelled at. The female human finally put them way up high. I could probably still get it, but there are closer bunches of dead stuff for me to try to get at. They won’t put them away because they’re trying to ‘train’ me not to eat them. I don’t know how much chance they have of that.

Some good news, though. I might get to go on a road trip. I’ve only been on a few car rides, but I’m okay with ’em. I just lounge in my crate and snooze or look out the bars. I don’t think China’s too keen to take me along but tough noogins! I don’t wanna be left behind.

…wait. That means the dead flowers will be unguarded. Hmmm, maybe I DO want to be left behind. Good thing it’s not my decision. That way, it’s their fault if I’m evil and eat ALL those dead flowers. Hee hee. This kitty’s gonna have some fun this week!

Posted by: China | October 22, 2007

Update on the Red Dog

Hello! It’s me, China. The red pooch. You know, the one who hasn’t posted in over a month.

Zoe in her evil cubeNo, Zoë hasn’t murdered us all in our sleep, but she has taken to trying to ambush me when I walk past her house. It’s really this play cube Daddy got her, but she likes to hide in it until someone walks by.

I hate that cube.

I’ve tried to play with her a few times but I’m more often afraid of her and her claws. She bites too. Eek!

DoomedSpeaking of ‘eek’ there’s lots of gourds hanging around our house lately. I’m not so afraid of them anymore because I’ve seen Mom kill a few and then cook them. She takes a big knife and stabs them right in the head! Then she chops them up, boils them, beats them up some more until they’re just mush and then – this is great – puts them in a pie and puts ’em in the really hot thing that smells good! Hee hee. That’ll show them for making faces at me. So far, none have any faces and I want to keep it that way. I keep telling them if they do, I’ll have Mom get out her big knife and make them into pies.

They don’t know they’re all gonna be pies even if they do make faces, but I’m not gonna tell them that. Aren’t I a smart pooch?

Farmhouse in the FallIt’s fall here in the ‘cold place.’ Huh. Cold place my sweet patootie. Today it’s summer temperatures which is weird. All the trees are fall colors but it’s really warm out. Mom says it’s good for the heating bill, but it makes her angry. She moved up here for seasons. She doesn’t want the entire planet to turn into the hot place.

Sparkles on the WaterMom’s vacation starts this Thursday. We’re going up to Grammy and Grampy’s cabin up north. Sometimes I don’t like it up there but sometimes I do. I’d like it lots better if Grammy and Grampy were there when we were, but they hardly ever are.

I hope I like it this time. Mom needs to relax. She hasn’t had a vacation in three years! She’s had a few long weekends but no real vacations. She says she’s going to relax for a week and a half and do whatever she wants, or, not do whatever she doesn’t.

I hope that doesn’t include filling my food bowl.

Evil KittyOh my dog. I just heard Mom say that Zoë might be going with us to the camp. They don’t want to leave her alone – they’re afraid they’ll come back to nothing but a big gaping hole in the ground instead of a house.

This makes me nervous. Knowing her, she’ll do one of two things: 1) Explore every nook and cranny of the place and we’ll never see her except when she eats or 2)Explore every nook and cranny, making sure she knocks everything over so that Mom and Dad yell at her until she runs, laughing. (They can’t hear her laughing, but I can.)

Either way, this might not be the greatest vacation for me. 😛

I probably won’t post again until we’re back from up north so, have a good weekend everybody! Oh, and Mom said that some of the pictures in this post are clickable – to make them bigger. Toodles!

China in the Fall

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